Our Green World

Southwest Stone is Green friendly.

Why pollute the earth with man made stone?  Here at Southwest Stone we use only natural building and thin stone that is shaped with no pollution.  Our natural stone not only looks better but also gives you the satisfaction of knowing you have done your part to help save the planet.

In our warehouse we use recycled oil from our own trucks to heat the shop, and recycled water for the stone saws.  We also use energy saving light bulbs to light our buildings.  All of these environment friendly things add up to bigger savings for us, you and the environment.  In our office we use recycled paper and digitally formatted memos.  We also offer flextime as an incentive to carpool, at the present time 70 percent of our employees carpool.  So when you make your purchase with Southwest Stone rest assured that we are constantly exploring and researching new ideas for a better environment.